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Places - Hong Kong, Salt Lake City and Seattle where I grew up into these wonderful places, they offered me so many opportunities to explore my life.

I live, I earn and I succeed. What a good life!



Being a handcrafted jewelry maker/designer which requires so much imagination and creativity, seeing each piece of jewelry is built bit by bit with patience, love and fashion sense. Daisy found that the best tools in her studio are her hands, each design and her finished product showing the world they are unique, she is not going to follow everybody's trend from a commercial driven fashion world. She wants to create her own trend and find her own audiences that they think the same and like the same. She understood the fads and trends within the fashion industry; you'll find her jewelry is just right and balance in design, not too overwhelmed in color and size, yet still bold enough to catch your attention.

Daisy is a self taught jewelry maker; her techniques are included metal smith, metal wire wrapping, metal wire crochet, fiber crochet, fiber knitting and tatting. She loves to build the jewelry with mixture of natural stones, semi-precious stones, pearls, silver and gold. 

Sheen Company was born three years ago and she focused on local markets. In coming years, she will shift her focus on online business; her vision is that she want you to feel fabulous by wearing one of a kind jewelry, handbags or accessories.  We are welcome your opinions, ideas and comments, please write to her so that we can make changes to fit your needs.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you will have an enjoyable shopping experience with Sheen Company.