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Overwhelmed Jewelry

Overwhelmed Jewelry

Overwhelmed Jewelry

Daisy Chau

Nowadays, we are searching every aspect to get our life balanced in the way of eating healthy and exercising regularly. When you look around your environment,  you can easily to notice there are so many women who think they know how to dress up their outfits by putting on over-sized jewelry and accessories allover the body which created an side-effect by either exposing their natural flaw or hiding their natural beauty. 

My mother is a lucky woman in the eye of her daughter because my father bought and handpicked her wardrobe, knowing that my father was very good at colors, patterns and know-how to enhance the natural beauty and he was a painter too. Her clothing was perfectly balanced with her jewelry and accessories, not too big and not too small, it just perfectly proportion to her beautiful figure and also bold enough to catch people's attention.  In my opinion, the extreme bold color, glitters, over-sized jewelry were just the show case on the runway. In reality, we have to learn how to strike the balance of proportion ratio between our body frame and the size of the jewelry. For example, I am 5 feet 2 inches, I am not going to wear a wide bold color bib necklace because my neckline is kind of narrow, the bib necklace will fill up all that space and it draws all the attention away from my profile which will be all wiped out. In conclusion, sometimes more is better, but you don't want to look weighed down with overwhelmed jewelry. Be classy, be elegant and be natural who you are.

Here is a website has some tips about Jewelry- the best ways to show off bling. Hope this can help to explore options to make your look the best everyday.